Accelerate Your Idea from 0 to $2M ARR

The industry's only full-stack coaching program for B2B tech founders

Building a B2B tech startup can be hard as f**k. But it doesn't have to be.

Where Do Founders Go Wrong?

You can have a sexy idea, ground breaking tech, star engineers on your team, a kickass name and logo with a sexy demo video and still end up with a product that doesn’t scale beyond MVP, not enough traction, frustrated investors, no path to product market fit, and get stuck in the valley of death.

Why Does This Happen?

No one wants what you’re building.

But…but why?

❌ Your customers don’t understand what you do

❌ It’s not easy to use or too risky to adopt

❌ Your product is just a vitamin, not a painkiller

❌ No one really knows or trusts you (first-timer)

❌ You’re talking to the wrong people

I’ve Made These Mistakes Too

In my own journey building B2B products for Fortune 500 companies, I suffered the same problems.

Being a technical founder I had a lot more technical than business knowledge:

  • I kept building more and more features in the hopes my customers will adopt
  • I didn’t really understand my customers' true pain point
  • I got rejected by investors who didn't find my business or story interesting enough
  • I lost weeks talking to the wrong customers without selling anything
  • I lacked the knowledge to build business critical operating systems for the boring stuff (HR, Finance, Supply Chain etc.)

What I learned during those painful rocky years is that without a clear strategy and systems to build my business, I could end up losing years building the wrong thing.

So I built a playbook that helped me raise millions from top-tier investors, build 2 highly desirable products and sell $100K+ deals to Fortune 500 brands like Pepsi and John Deere.

Now, I've taken all the principles from my playbook and condensed them into a deep-dive coaching program for high-growth founders like you.

I call it the Persistent Founder Program.

here's what you get In my unique coaching program...

✅ Proven framework on how to research your market, build your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and craft your magnet pitch

✅ Exact system to turn your idea into a Minimum Remarkable Product (MRP) by creating your Core Product Loop (CPL)

✅ Repeatable Go-To-Market strategy to attract and engage customer to grow from idea to $2M ARR

✅ Management and leadership playbook to build and run a core team of A players @ hypersonic velocity

✅ Battle-tested pitch deck template and storytelling techniques to create a winning investor pitch and raise funding from top investors

As part of the Persistent Founder program, you will get:

  1. Access to all my startup playbooks and video courses on product, hiring, fundraising and go-to-market.
  2. 1on1 coaching calls to dig into your chokepoints and strategize.
  3. General advice via email and direct access to me via Phone/Text/Slack/WhatsApp for emergencies.
  4. Access to my document templates including investor pitch decks, sales presentations, financial management spreadsheets, and board presentations.
  5. Introductions to vetted investors in my network to help you raise capital.
  6. Introductions to vetted talent and recruiters in my network to help you hire an A team.
  7. I will even attend meetings with you to help back you up in front of your management team and/or board.

Once you start using the Persistent Founder method, the entire game will change. You will feel more in control, your team will become more productive, your product will become better, and your customers will keep coming back for more.

Persistence overshadows even talent as the most valuable resource shaping the quality of life.”

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