Accelerate Growth With The Persistent Founder Method

I love startups and know firsthand that the life of a Founder / CEO / Entrepreneur can be extraordinary, but it can be really lonely at times.

When I started my own journey as an early stage founder CEO:

  • I had trouble recruiting top talent to fill critical roles
  • I wasted months building the wrong products and features
  • I got rejected by investors who didn't find my business or story interesting enough
  • I lost weeks talking to the wrong customers without selling anything
  • I lacked the knowledge to build business critical operating systems for the boring stuff (HR, Finance, Supply Chain etc.)

What I learned during those painful rocky years is that without a clear strategy and systems to build my business, I could end up losing years building the wrong thing. So I bit the bullet and created the "Persistent Founder" method for myself using the learnings from my own mistakes, my mentors and advisers.

Once I started using the Persistent Founder method, the entire game changed. My team was more productive, our product became better, my customers came back for more and investors wanted to put millions into my business (I even had to say no to some investors!).

Now, I've taken all the Persistent Founder principles I developed as a 2x startup founder over the last decade and turned them into a coaching program for early-stage founders.

here's what you get In my unique coaching program for Early-stage tech founders...

My goal is to help you become a high performing founder, problem-solve, strategize, prioritize, plan, make better business decisions, and ultimately succeed faster.

In this coaching program I will guide you through my step-by-step playbooks and show you how to:

✅ Transform yourself into a high performance founder to avoid burnout

✅ Refine your product to achieve product-market fit

✅ Accelerate your revenues to $1M ARR and beyond

✅ Build a high performing team of A players

✅ Raise funding from top investors

As a result of this program, you will build the perseverance to power through the toughest of times and the knowledge + skills to grow your business faster.

Persistence overshadows even talent as the most valuable resource shaping the quality of life.”

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