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90% of startups die within year 1. Out of the 10% that survive, only 4% cross the seed stage.

Early Stage Founder CEOs:

  • Rarely succeed at turning their idea into a desirable product
  • Struggle to get their first 10 customers
  • Waste months building the wrong features
  • Lose weeks talking to the wrong customers
  • Suck at assembling a go-to-market plan to make $$
  • Get jerked around by almost every investor
  • Eventually run out of money or burn out from stress

As a result...

...most founders end up losing their business.

book your strategy call today to avoid common founder mistakes and accelerate growth...

My goal is to help you problem-solve, strategize, prioritize, plan, make better business decisions, and ultimately succeed faster.

In your 30 minute strategy call, I will:

✅ Give you an honest, non-judgmental, unbiased business assessment

✅ Help you identify your key chokepoints blocking growth

✅ Provide actionable advice and solutions

Persistence overshadows even talent as the most valuable resource shaping the quality of life.”

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