One Wrong Hire Can Cost Your Business $1.5M

Here's A 7-Step Guide for Hiring A Players

This step-by-step guide for early-stage founders covers the 7 most critical components needed to attract, engage and hire A players to your team.

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In the early days of building Siera, I hired people without a clear strategy. Sometimes I got a hit and it was great, other times I missed. Whenever I missed, it costed my business months of progress and caused frustration for the entire team. I realized that without clear guiding principles on how to hire, I will never really be sure if I'm hiring the right person. So, like any good startup founder, I read a bunch of books, talked to my mentors and employees and put together 7 principles of hiring A players.

I've developed these principles over the last 6+ years to hire high performance A players across engineering, sales, marketing, and operations that enabled my company SIERA.AI to launch 2 complex AI products and onboard 60+ enterprise customers including Fortune 500 brands like Pepsi and John Deere. I'm making these principles available to you for FREE.

This guide will show you:

✅ The top 7 hiring mistakes you must avoid

✅ 7 steps you need to take to hire A players

✅ How to create and leverage a uniform measurement system to measure candidates against each other

✅ When to hire for leadership roles so that you can supercharge growth at each stage of your journey

✅ How to identify red flags in candidates before it's too late

The secret to successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world.”

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