90% of Startups Die Within The First Year

This guide is for first-time startup founders who want to build a high-growth business without making the most common founder mistakes.

Startup founders can end up wasting months or even years building a product that no one really cares about. In this 10-step strategy guide, I show you how to build a business with the right foundations that sets you up for success.

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Over the last decade I've built multiple world-class AI, Robotics, and SaaS products that sold for over $100K to Fortune 500 brands like Pepsi, John Deere and more. Now, I've taken all the principles I learned in my 10+ year startup journey and condensed them into this 10-step guide. This guide will show you how to avoid the most common first-time founder mistakes and teach you how to:

✅ Transform yourself into a high-performance founder

✅ Identify your market and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

✅ Launch a Minimum Remarkable Product (MRP) that your users love

✅ Build a scalable go to market program and generate revenue

✅ Raise capital from top-notch investors

You never know what you can accomplish until you try.”

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