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The Ultimate Angel to Series A
Startup Fundraising Guide

This guide is for startup founders who are planning to raise or currently in the middle of raising angel or VC funding.

The reality of raising money for your startup goes far beyond glamorous TechCrunch headlines. It's messy, takes at least 2x longer than you plan, and often involves riding an emotional rollercoaster.
But...when done right... can take your business to new heights πŸš€

What you get in this FREE guide

I've put all the principles I used to raise $6.8M in angel and venture capital in this detailed 8-page guide. This guide will show you how to:

βœ… Identify the ideal investors for your business

βœ… Craft your pitch to impress investors in 1 call

βœ… Prepare for the 42 questions that every investor asks

βœ… Arm yourself with the right language to talk to investors

βœ… Present your business with the right metrics so you can get a term-sheet quickly

These exact same tactics helped me cut fundraising down from 6+ months to < 2 months AND I had more investors eager to invest than I needed.

Fundraising is hard in both senses: hard like lifting a heavy weight, and hard like solving a puzzle.”

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